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The Energy Solution Alleviating Fuel Poverty
The Energy Solution gives a reduction in heating costs of 25% The Energy Solution is particularly important for the vulnerable sectors such as the elderly, infirm and those families on a low income which makes up the majority of tenants, particularly those green projects in sheltered housing.

More energy conservation facts

Concentrations of greenhouse gases are now higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years. According to the IPCC, global temperatures are predicted to rise by between 1.1 and 6.4°C over the next century
During August 2003, the hottest temperature ever was recorded in the UK, it was 38.5°C and between 4th and 13th August 2003, over 2,000 people in the UK died as a direct result of these temperatures.
Between 1997 and 2004, carbon dioxide emissions worldwide increased by 18.0%. In the United States, the annual surface temperatures have been rising with 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1990
The future of energy conservation
There are many avenues currently being investigated in an attempt to conserve energy and reduce emissions, the largescale adaption of just some of these measures could potentially put an end to global warming and solve the energy crisis.

However, although the technology is well proven in many cases, it will take many years before any of the following alternative or renewable technologies are adopted in any meaningful way.

The most hopeful avenues of research in energy conservation at the moment are:

  • Biomass/Biofuels produced using the aquaculture of Algae
  • Nano Plastic Photo-voltaics
  • Large scale Geothermal power plants
  • Tidal Current Telecom Services Turbines
  • Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
  • Artificial photosynthesis to produce fuels directly from water and carbon dioxide using renewable solar energy.