Sustainable products

Sustainable products

Why rubber is the material of  choice for a sustainable future

The most common market trend of today is sustainability or going green, where consumers are being encouraged to invest in products that have a more positive effect on the environment.

While it is encouraged that we should ‘do our bit’ however little that may be.

Using sustainable products on a larger scale is just one way that we can create a larger impact on improving sustainability in consumerism and making each market more environmentally friendly.

Why Rubber?

Rubber is just one product that can be used more widely to help industries achieve this goal of sustainability, particularly in the construction and building industries, where much of the products used can have a damaging effect.

The entire lifecycle of rubber from its original form in the environment to its production process, take a look at some of the reasons rubber is the material of the future:

It is a natural product

Rubber sheeting is commonly used in the construction industry, usually in the form of sheet material. Sheet rubber is used most commonly as EPDM in flooring and roofing. Learn more about EPDM rubber here.

Rubber is made from latex sourced from the rubber tree meaning it is not harmful to produce and it can actually add to reducing CO2 emissions in the long run.

It can be recycled

Rubber is a 100% recyclable material, meaning it does not add to the landfill sites that hinder sustainability in society. More on recycling rubber.

Some forms of rubber are also biodegradable meaning it can be broken down naturally, again not adding to the harmful chemicals and fumes that are produced when waste products are burned.

It is an affordable product

Rubber is a relatively inexpensive material.

This means that it is sustainable in terms of markets. When products are overpriced, it generally means that the production of the material is in some way produced unsustainably.

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