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The History of Islamic Businesses in the UK

Islamic businesses have a long-standing history in the UK. It is thought that the first Muslims arrived in the country at least 300 years ago, although it is only within the 50-70 years that migration started to take place on a much larger scale. Here, we will take a look at some Islamic businesses in the UK and how they have changed over years.

The Halal meat industry is one of the biggest Islamic businesses in the United Kingdom. It is worth almost £1 billion, and employs many people. There are thought to be around 2.7 million Muslims living in the UK, so Islamic businesses are very important for the lifestyles of many people.

Islamic schools in the UK are also essential for providing an education for the next generation of Muslims in the country. They have excellent pass rates at all levels, from primary to GCSE. There are also many Muslim councillors and MPs, and some have also served as mayors of cities around the country.

There are loads of other industries which employ many Muslims, and in authoritative positions. The NHS employs a high number of Muslims in various positions, who provide an essential and valuable service to those of all religions. Law is another area which employs many Muslims, and some have also set up their own law firms and gone on to have great success. Police forces also employ Muslims in senior positions, and there are even well-known news readers who are Muslim.

Small, family run businesses are also very common amongst Muslim families. Parents encourage their children to take over the running of the business as they get older, to continue providing a service to other citizens, both Muslims and not. Almost everyone has visited such as business at some point, whether it’s a corner shop or a takeaway restaurant.

A more recent development in Islamic businesses in the UK is the growing number of specialists in Islamic Gifts. There are stores and websites dedicated to selling a range of religious gifts, including Eid gift boxes and well-presented headscarves. This is a fast-growing area which is likely to increase in popularity with future generations.

There are loads of other start-ups which have been popular with the Islamic community. Fashion which respects Muslim women’s’ wish to cover their body and Halal food start-ups are experiencing a lot of success right now.