Top online influencers

Have you ever thought it is possible to earn money just from your Instagram followers?  Social media influencers are now considered to be one of the most regarded business niche. Forbes has started publishing lists and interviews of online content creators to figure out how you can make a living on social media. 


YouTube has grown into a go-to platform for people to watch entertaining content daily! Creators such as Logan Paul and Casey Neistat are now considered as celebrities. Companies approach them, people on the street want to take pictures of them and with them. However, not many of us consider them as very successful business owners. They market their businesses on their image and that is genius. If you are thinking of becoming an online influencer market yourself on your image or on a specific set of skills or show people that you are specifically intelligent in your own individual way.  

Another big platform is Instagram. This is a favourite of mine since anyone can become an instagrammer. Anyone can create beautiful pictures with their phones and then just post it. It is also important to engage with your followers via comments, messaging and liking pictures. What I would recommend if you are a beginner to post inspirational posts! Maybe you have been going through something and overcame it? Weight loss before and after? Are you particularly good at something? Making unique recipes? 

My favourite influencer is Amanda Cerny. She has 18.2 Million followers on Instagram and is a goofy and relatable girl. She owns a business and recently started a campaign to help people after a natural disaster in Puerto Rico. Wouldn’t you want to follow a life of such an inspirational girl? 

This was my take on the ever expanding online social media popularity. Decide on what you want to achieve and I am sure you can do that using social platforms.